Marias will support implementation of and test the FAIR Plan’s new software suite

Covington, Ohio — (GLOBE NEWSWIRE — Feb. 27, 2018) — Marias Technology, a provider of software testing, implementation, integrations, hosting services, and more to the insurance industry, has been hired by the Minnesota FAIR Plan to help implement — and to test — the FAIR Plan’s new core processing system from Finys.

“We’re grateful to Gary Rupp at the FAIR Plan for giving us this opportunity,” said R. Christopher Haines, President and CEO of Marias. “We take Gary’s commitment to this implementation to be a measure of his dedication to his team and to his policyholders — and we’re proud to be helping him serve both.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Marias will provide assistance to the FAIR Plan team with implementation of the FAIR Plan’s new system replacement. Marias also will perform the requisite testing, including QA, regression, and user acceptance testing.

“The folks at Marias came highly recommended by Finys,” said Gary Rupp, Executive Director of the Minnesota FAIR Plan. “From the moment we began our discussions with them, we knew they understood insurance as well as they understand technology. We’re happy to have them aboard for this project.”

About Marias Technology

Marias Technology, headquartered in Covington, Ohio, is a privately held company, offering insurance technology services to property/casualty insurance companies. Services range from system testing and implementation, to software hosting and management services, as well as IT management on-demand. For more information, please visit, email, or call 866-611-2212.

About the Minnesota FAIR Plan

The Minnesota FAIR Plan was created by an act of the Minnesota Legislature to provide limited property insurance to owners and tenants of individual residences, small business owners, farmers, and co-op residents when coverage is not available from the private market, to encourage improvement of the properties insured by the FAIR Plan, and to help speed our customers’ return to the private market for property insurance coverage. For more information, please visit please visit or call 800-524-1640.