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We don’t do exactly the same things, in the exact same ways, for all of our clients. We don’t put the same people on every engagement. And we don’t think one size fits all in the same way we don’t think one approach fits every engagement. But there is a common thread that runs through everything we do: an absolute commitment to the client’s success.

That isn’t anything for which we’d expect you to take our word. So, we asked some of our clients to put it in their own words.

Minnesota FAIR Plan Association

When Gary Rupp at the Minnesota FAIR Plan asked Kurt Diederich at Finys if he knew a company that could help define specs, install rates into the new system, review and update its rating manuals, and define coverage amounts and document the rates to create updated rating manuals for Finys, Kurt thought of us. We contributed more value to this joint account by documenting all the requirements from the FAIR Plan’s old system and mapping them so Finys could use them to implement the new system. Then when we were asked to test the software, we created and submitted service tickets for Finys and tested the fixes before they went into production.

Case Study: Grange Insurance
Case Study: Grange Insurance

Grange Insurance

When conversations began between Marias and Grange Insurance Association of Seattle, Washington, Grange wanted to discuss the possibility of outsourcing their regression testing so their key subject-matter experts could focus on requirements building, troubleshooting, and other more strategic activities. After sharing our capabilities with them, they gave us an initial engagement. They used two of our team members early on, then went to three as their testing demands increased.

Northern Mutual

We measure our success by the extent to which we help our clients succeed. So when we had the opportunity to tell the story of the way we’re helping Northern Mutual succeed, we took it. It’s a story of increasing responsibility, growing trust, and reciprocal respect. We’re proud to tell that story here.

Since Northern Mutual had neither the need nor the appetite to create and support its own IT staff, they entrusted us with everything from software testing to IT management on demand.

We consider Northern Mutual a business partner, in much the same way they view us as a go-to resource.

Case Study: Northern Mutual
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