The collaboration of the ManageMy platform, with the experience of Marias Technology, will allow carriers to deliver modern, customer-centric experiences to policyholders and agents.

Charlotte, NC — (GLOBE NEWSWIRE — September 12, 2023) — ManageMy, a pioneering name in insurance customer experience solutions, has announced the accreditation of Marias Technology as a Certified Integration Partner. This strategic collaboration equips Marias Technology with the certification to expertly facilitate the ManageMy implementations for insurance carriers.

In today’s dynamic market, customer experience has become a pivotal differentiator for businesses, and the insurance sector is no exception. ManageMy has consistently led the charge in delivering customer-centric solutions. At the same time, Marias Technology has a proven track record of providing implementation support and testing services to insurance carriers of all sizes. Working together, these two organizations bring the expertise and capabilities of both companies to offer a comprehensive and unparalleled suite of services and support to insurance companies striving to meet and exceed their customer experience goals.

This collaboration will integrate ManageMy’s configurable, no-code customer experience platform with Marias Technology’s deep understanding of carrier, agent, and policyholder needs to create a synergy that empowers insurance companies to streamline operations, enhance engagement, and deliver seamless interactions to policyholders.

“Insurance companies have long grappled with optimizing customer experiences while navigating complex operational demands,” said ManageMy’s Jeff Brown, Partner and Head of U.S. P&C Operations. “Working with companies like Marias in our Partner Ecosystem is a significant step forward in addressing this challenge head-on. By leveraging the expertise of both of our organizations, we are poised to offer insurance companies a holistic approach to customer experience management, leveraging the power of technology to create lasting connections with policyholders.”

“Technology has the potential to reshape how insurance companies engage with their customers,” said Marias Technology CEO Chris Haines. “Our collaboration will allow insurance companies to leverage a best-in-breed solution like that of ManageMy while using our knowledge and experience to guide and support their implementation.”

About ManageMy

ManageMy is the platform that insurers, agents, brokers, and Managing General Agents trust to engage, innovate, and grow efficiently. ManageMy partners with carriers of all sizes, allowing them to streamline communication and experiences between all stakeholders.   The no-code platform brings everyone closer together and ensures policyholders receive the personalized human touch they deserve, and agents benefit from an optimized workflow.  

About Marias Technology

Marias Technology, headquartered in Covington, Ohio, a privately held company, offers insurance technology services to property/casualty insurance companies. Services range from system testing and implementation to gathering requirements and defining specifications. For more information, please visit, email, or call 866-611-2212.