Marias Technology Software Tester Internship

Because we’re a family-owned business, we like to attract people who share our values. Because we provide software testing and system implementation services to insurance companies, we like to attract people who enjoy providing conscientious professional services to others.

If you’re interested in learning to test insurance software against the results our customers expect in the documentation they share with our testers — and if you’re proficient in the use of computer or mobile devices — we may have an opportunity for you. But we’d like to point out – and stress – that this position is not a summer internship for a student who’s off on summer break.



We’re looking for:

  • Commitment. We can’t guarantee every intern a full-time position. But every intern should be open to the possibility of long-term employment and able to work at least 20 hours per week.
  • People in college or are on track to attend.
  • People with majors in only business, accounting, general IT, or currently undecided.
  • Students who see themselves living in the Covington area after graduation and working in a good job for a stable company.
  • All ages. We employ people from 17 to 70. But they must be mature, self-disciplined, and open to guidance and constructive criticism.

We’re not looking for:

  • Students who are looking for summer internships.
  • Students who are considering majors other than the ones listed.
  • Network administrators or computer programmers. We don’t need those here.
  • People prone to repeated absences or spending time on personal devices or activities. Our first allegiance is to our customers.
  • People who don’t follow our application instructions, who call us, or who attempt to apply in person at our office without being formally invited for an interview.

To apply for an internship, please send your resume to  Please do not send us a resume if you haven’t read and understood the qualifications listed above.

Please know we can’t take on everyone who sends us a resume. Please know we’ll contact you if we think you’re a fit.