WRIN.tv interviews Chris Haines

Chris Haines was interviewed by WRIN.tv at the 2016 NAMIC Annual Convention. In the links below, you can see and hear Chris talk about:

Integration and Testing

Integration and testing are integration and testing … unless and until you work in a highly regulated yet stubbornly unstandardized industry. And in such a regulated industry, what you know may actually be more important than who you know.

Third-party Integrations

Integrating MVRs, credit scores, CLUE reports, and the like used to be state-of-the art for policy administration and underwriting systems. Now those kinds of integrations are run-of-the-mill — entry cards, at best. There’s more to think about than you might imagine.

Technology and People

Counterintuitively speaking, the biggest challenge for insurance IT may not be IT. It may, in fact, be people. If you’re not thinking about people — continuity, knowledge transfer, and industry familiarity — you may be missing the IT boat, technology notwithstanding.

IT Trends and Experienced People

IoT, cybersecurity, #insurtech, and other buzzwords du jour capture a lot of attention. But they might not capture the know-how and wherewithal on which the insurance industry runs and depends. Technology without experience is just technology.

Bi-lingual skills (tech and insurance)

People used to think if they spoke English and Pig Latin they were bilingual. In today’s insurance reality, if you don’t speak Insurance and Technology, you might not be able to translate business needs to technological needs fluently.

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