By R. Christopher Haines, President and CEO

What do you hope to do? What do you hope to be? In your personal life? In business? And will you really know it when you succeed? What even is the definition of success? I guess it is pretty subjective.

I’m not sure our organization is anywhere near what could be called successful, but I think we’re heading the right direction. I also know it’s easy come, easy go. So we need to approach every day with the same discipline and intensity that got us to this point. Complacency can kill an organization.

When we do reach whatever can be deemed as success, it’ll be very important to me to never lose perspective on how we got there. Things don’t just happen because you want them to. There are coworkers who stuck with you through the tough times. There were early customers that took a chance on you when your experience was limited and a reference list was nonexistent. Success cannot be achieved without any of this.

Too many companies forget what got them to where they are. They seem to turn their backs on the employees and customers that made them successful. Even though their employees and customers might still be contributing greatly, they just aren’t flashy and fresh anymore. These companies seem to place more weight on chasing down the shiny new prospect or the sharp new hire. All the while, they’re stepping on the old and stable.

For what? To make more money? More prestige? To make themselves feel special? Adding new employees and customers is not a bad thing. More times than not, adding revenue and staff members leads to greater stability for the organization. If handled the right way, your old friends and your new friends can all have a seat at the table and feel equally valued. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

It’s pretty simple: Don’t forget how you got there. Who it was who helped you as you moved towards success. Remember those who took a chance on you. You may have forgotten, but you’d be nothing without them. Regardless of what you think you might be now, those you are now overlooking may become someone else’s shiny and new if you don’t value them and give them the recognition they deserve.